How to Avoid Dieting Mistakes

The Greatest Dieting Mistakes
As far as dieting is considered mistakes are made almost on a daily basis, some of these mistakes are real and profound, some go with the territory, but there are few mistakes that have a more lasting implication than others. The only way to avoid these mistakes is by learning
about them and avoiding them during the course of your weight loss regime.

The biggest mistake made by dieters is adopting the strategy of all or nothing. These dieters remove anything from the pantry that they consider will give room for the slightest of temptations. After doing this the dieters start on a strict dietary regime that is not only difficult but nearly impossible to continue, believing that they lose every thing the moment they stray away from their military like diet regime.

The above method may work for a few people but it will lead to un-wanted anger, frustration and sometimes even failure. The most important thing in relation to the dieting regime is the goal.What is the goal for dieting? The answer is shedding those extra pounds. There is more than one way of achieving your target without half starving to death or pushing yourself to the brink.

Another big mistake in relation to dieting is the selection of diet plan. Some people make the mistake of selecting a plan that involves eating the same food everyday. Human beings enjoy change and will get frustrated with routine, therefore it is necessary to change our pattern once in a while. You can do this by choosing a diet regime that allows for a wider variety of food rather than one which limits the number of choices.

Some of the other common mistakes are depriving yourself of all the food we enjoy. Moderation is the key word here. Have a diet that is rich in fruits & vegetables but also do not forgot to indulge yourself once in a while to keep yourself going and sane. The important thing here is not to forget enjoying food while dieting, if you enjoy eating chocolates then why would you want to
deprive yourself of eating them. There is nothing sinful or wrong about eating the food you like, but the problem is that most people enjoy the wrong sort of food.

Never make the commonly made mistake of not setting any goals. While setting goals it is important to remember that one should never set goals that are almost impossible to achieve, on the other hands you must not follow a regime in which practically no goals are achieved. The key here is setting goals that are achievable, these have the most likelihood of attaining success. Making these goals public and requesting support isn’t a bad idea either. This is the prime reason for the stupendous success that has been achieved by weight watchers program.

It is also important during the course of a dietary regime never to get frustrated and give up. Set backs are common and are faced by almost all people, even the ones who have achieved stunning dieting regime success have met with failure en route. The end result is that you end up getting an healthier body and something worth fighting for. Sometimes your goals may go off track but it always possible to set new goals and start afresh. Somewhere down the road you may have a couple of bad day or sometimes a bad week even in relation to your dieting regime. This should not be a deterrent to your plans, instead you must overcome them in order to see a healthier you.

Learn from the mistakes you make, overcome them and move on fast. Failures should teach you as much as success does. Once you learn from these failures you are well on track to achieving an healthier persona. Irrespective of the amount of weight you plan to lose you must dedicate yourself to the task of losing weight. Also remember a healthy person is one who has good eating habits and not one who tries to starve himself. Select a moderate approach and you are well on the road to success.


Writing down your fitness activity and your nutrition is a great way to keep yourself accountable to your goals. It helps you stay honest with yourself about whether you’re sticking to a fitness or diet plan, and allows you to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

To get the most out of your journaling, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Try to record every day. Even if that means you journal about why you didn’t work out, stick to it!

Set a reminder to record for 5-10 minutes- before bed is a great time to do it!

Be honest!

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