Saturating Your Mind with Positive Thoughts Leads to Success

Positive Attitude! What Is It?

What does having a positive attitude then really boil down to, our thoughts, actions, patterns, habits, and behavior have us using, targeting and utilizing our energy and enthusiasm in a particular way. We think, act and do…If you are mainly positive, you will be focused on good things, happy thoughts, and successful outcomes, seeing the glass half-full to an extent. Negatively, you will be focusing on bad things, sad thoughts, unsuccessful outcomes and act and behave negatively too. Your goals and energy will not be focused and purposefully driven towards success, half-hearted at best.

There is an undeniable link between personal performance, confidence and even health and our positive thoughts. Matching, triggering neuro-chemical and physical responses, increased mental alertness and release of physical energy, improved respiration and circulation, boosts our abilities. The reverse is true, triggering the fight or flight response and instinct when we are decisively negative. Which can lead to loss of energy, creativity, motivation and lower self- esteem. You can effectively turn this habit of positive thinking into a power tool boosting not only your life, success and future, but also your health and wellbeing. There are numerous self-help books, products and even training courses that you can take to learn more about endorphins for example and how positive thoughts and can and motivate your day, towards more positive outcomes.

Just Another Way Of Thinking?

Practical ways and suggestions to make things better, faster, more positive, by being optimistic, changing your outlook on life and motivate self and others to make the most of life, opportunity, embrace chance, change, process and outcome. Pro-actively, hands-on and first-hand opt to do something, everything a little differently from now on.

Imagine and think the impossible, what you really want, claim it into reality, believe that it will be so and it will most likely be and happen that way. That is the so-called law of attraction. It very much reminds us of a biblical quote and reference, ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find… sound familiar, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

Then ask and answer this question and musing for yourself. How to you see and think about yourself, a success, a failure, disappointment, achiever? How do others see you? Is there a discrepancy between these two perspectives and why? How can you change matters, starting now? Change your thought, patterns, habits and self-talk that is mainly negative, into more positive thoughts, no matter how hard that might be for your inner skeptic and critic to do! See yourself as succeeding and having anything and everything you hope and dream of and then will it into being.

Dismissing Negative Thoughts

Expect the best, always and every time and you are most likely not to suffer of perfectionism, but reap the benefit of real focused effort and successful outcome. Use your energy and resources, enthusiasm wisely and where it makes a difference, counts, exuding it, radiating it, from he inside out, not the outside in. Make the minds-set you have in mind here, a state of mind, all the time, your lifestyle and life-outlook of choice. Make it what motivates you.

Surround yourself with positive energy and others that remain and contribute to the optimistic nature of things, rather than the negative, whining, high-maintenance types that zap and tap , erode your energy. Learn from success and failure, lessons and experiences from the past. Regret and past events can not help you get ahead any longer, stop reliving it and punishing yourself for it.

Be forward-facing and continue to grow and master being, staying, getting, keeping your positive mental attitude.

How To Stay Positive

Secrets to maintaining a positive mental attitude, thought patterns and restoring optimism to your life

– Accentuate the positives.

– Bright side and silver lining should become part of your vocabulary, losing words like loser, cannot, not good enough from your everyday thoughts, actions, decisions and communications with others/self.

– Concentrate on ways to use your strengths and abilities and look for ways to improve your weaknesses.

– Do not get discourages, quit, give up, get put back on the negative track through hardship and setbacks. They could be the beginnings of great things to come.

– Do not wish problems away, but put a different spin on them, making it easier to address, approach and handle.

– Don’t let the negatives in your life drag you down, think and live MORE uplifting positive mental attitudes and you will reap the reward!

– Don’t take yourself too seriously.

– Engage in positive self-talk. Boost your own self-confidence and be your own flag-bearer.

– Find and infuse fun into everything and every corner of what you do, where and how you live your life.

– Harder to do, but IMPERATIVE: Banish negative thoughts from your mind and concentrate on the positives.

– Maintain a sense of humor.

– Maintain and sustain this lifestyle and mental state in all areas and aspects of your life… including success on the job.

– Master the balances in your life, internal, external and allow optimism, positive energy in, negative energy and influence, people, out. Having a well-balanced life will help you maintain a positive mental attitude. Prioritize and only do what you believe to be your purpose, concentrating all key efforts on the positive things, successes and outcomes.

– Optimize all chances and opportunities, finding ways to make even the most unpleasant task and item, more enjoyable and pleasure-filled.

– Visualize success, anticipate success not imminent fear of failure, disappointment or regret.


Writing down your Business and Entrepreneur strategies /ventures is a great way to keep yourself accountable to your goals. It helps you stay honest with yourself about whether you’re sticking to a business plan, and allows you to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

To get the most out of your journaling, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Try to record every day. Even if that means you journal about why you didn’t work out, stick to it!

Set a reminder to record for 5-10 minutes- before bed is a great time to do it!

Be honest!

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Business Planner ~small business goals, or other entrepreneurial ideas.

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