The Good News and Bad News on Losing Belly Fat

The size of a person’s stomach give an impression of their overall health. Even people who are thin everywhere else might have a potbelly, which makes them look unhealthy and those of us who have a potbelly often feel unhealthy because of it.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to belly fat loss. The good news is it’s achievable. No matter how big your belly is and how long you’ve been overweight, you can lose that belly fat and get into much better shape.

The bad news is that there’s really no secret or trick to doing it. No doubt, you’ve been seeing all the different ways of losing belly fat for years. Maybe you’ve tried different things, like different diets and exercise plans, and the results weren’t fast enough for you or you just didn’t stick with the plan.

The bad news is you were probably on the right track and gave up. Any healthy eating plan combined with an exercise program can help you lose that belly fat. It might not be exciting or pretty, but it’s there for you to try. The hardest part is finding a plan that works for you as an individual.

The diet that works for your neighbor and the people you work with might not work for you. Everybody is different. If one plan worked for everyone there wouldn’t be so many different diets that so many different people can lose weight with. There would be one plan for everybody and it would work without fail as long as you stick to it.

Instead, there are low-carb and low-fat and low-calorie, and diets that focus on vegetables. There are hundreds of different particular diets out there. This time, don’t go on a diet. Decide to simply eat healthier and take in fewer calories than you have been. This will step up your fat loss and soon you’ll have far less fat in your mid-section.

This alone can help you lose belly fat just as it can help you lose fat everywhere. If you take in fewer calories than you burn, you lose fat, period. But if you’re simply shaped differently and you have a larger belly, it might appear this is the last place you lose that fat.

Do exercises that target that area to slim it down and make it look like you’ve had a great amount of abdominal fat losses. Strength training exercises that focus on the thigh muscles will help you burn fat faster everywhere. That’s because these are your largest muscle groups and making them work more efficiently increases your metabolism.

Also, focus on the abdominal area with some crunches, and maybe exercises like yoga and Pilates. These types of exercises will tighten those muscles and make your entire belly area smaller. Start small so you don’t hurt yourself, and then build up. Doing all these things can help you achieve your belly fat loss goals much faster, and before you know it you’ll have a nice tight stomach with all the fat melted away.


Writing down your fitness activity and your nutrition is a great way to keep yourself accountable to your goals. It helps you stay honest with yourself about whether you’re sticking to a fitness or diet plan, and allows you to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

To get the most out of your journaling, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Try to record every day. Even if that means you journal about why you didn’t work out, stick to it!

Set a reminder to record for 5-10 minutes- before bed is a great time to do it!

Be honest!

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