The Unbelievable Power and Potential of Dreams

None has as much potential power for doing good as the ability to dream. Dreams are a projection of the kind of life we want to lead. Dreams can drive you. Dreams can make you skip over obstacles. When we allow our dreams to pull us they unleash your creative force that can overpower everything in our way. To unleash this power, though, your dreams must be well defined. A fuzzy future has little pull power. well defined dreams are not fuzzy wishes are fuzzy. To really achieve your dreams to really have your future plans pull you.

Your Dreams must be vivid. If you’ve ever hiked the 14,000 foot peak in the Rocky Mountains, one thought has surely come to mind how did the settlers of this country do it? How did they get from the East Coast to the West Coast? By carrying one day’s supply of food and water is hard enough. Can you imagine hauling all of your worldly goods with you? Mile after mile day after day, month after month? These people had dreams big ones. They had ambition.

They didn’t focus on the hardship of getting up the moment in their minds they were already on the other side. Their bodies just hadn’t gotten them there yet. Despite all of their pains and struggles, births and deaths along the way. Those who made it to the other side had a single vision to reach the land of continuous sunshine and extraordinary wealth. To start over where anything was possible, where everything was possible. Their dreams were stronger than the obstacles in their way. You’ve got to be a dreamer.

You’ve got to see the future finished in advance. You’ve got to see the finish line while you’re running the race. You’ve got to hear the cheers when you’re in the middle of a monster project. And you’ve got to be willing to put yourself through the paces of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. Because that’s how you realize your dreams. Dreams are what caused 1000s of people to leave their homes and families and start over in a land where anything was possible.

To this day, dreams continued to bring people to our land of opportunity. Don’t you sometimes wonder why so many immigrants who come to America can build a new life and a fortune while many of the people who were born here are barely surviving. They have a dream, a defined goal. Ambition aside from the pioneers that crossed the prairies and the mountains to reach their vision of hope, and future promises. There are other amazing examples of how ambition has shaped America.

Jim Rohn [Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker.]

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