The True Essence of Gratitude

Whether you feel angry, moody, jealous or depressed recently or you feel that your life is full of negativities at this very moment, it is really never too late for you to enjoy the numerous benefits that being grateful has to offer.

In fact, you can take a few minutes any time and be thankful for the things that exist in your life, good or bad, happy or sad, for these can all make you grow into the kind of person that you are.

Seeing through the bad times and still being thankful might not really be easy but after you have surpassed them and you look back at your life’s darkest moments, you will surely appreciate the thing that you got from it = a tougher skin, a useful lesson or even just the mere experience which can help you in making better choices in the near future.

So, what are the benefits that you can get when you are grateful?

This helps you to be in the present, allowing you to notice the things that you have and stopping in order to acknowledge all of them. It can be as simple as having a pizza for lunch, the company of a classmate, or even the ability to hear.

Being grateful can generate good vibes. When applied to positive thinking, quantum physics state that your thoughts’ vibration can modify and affect the reality that surrounds you. It has been said that the initial 17 seconds of your thoughts are the most powerful, creating sufficient energy needed for starting attracting the things you are thinking of to come to your life.

When you are grateful, you have the power to change your mood almost immediately from negative into positive. Positive energy and good feelings arise once you start to acknowledge the things you are thankful for. However, there are some instances when your negative emotions start ruling you and affecting your mood. During these cases, it can be a bit hard for you to be actually grateful for anything. When this situation befalls you, just think of this thought: things can always be much worst.

Whatever kind of circumstances you might be in, there is a chance that these can become way more difficult than what you are in right now. Be thankful that you are not in that “worst” part and try looking at things in a more positive light. For instance, your budget probably doesn’t allow you to get a new pair of shoes but still, you have 5 other pairs when the other girl in your class doesn’t even have one. You will finally be able to see the true essence of being grateful once you come to the realization that you can actually use your thankful feelings to achieve the things that you want. Be thankful today and expect for more blessings tomorrow.

Gratitude and journaling goes hand and hand, For hundreds of years, journaling has already been around and a staple part of the lives of the people from different countries. In fact, it was through the personal diaries that information regarding governments and countries was discovered, together with the people that lived during certain time periods. Today, journaling has become a way for people not just to express themselves but also to learn more about themselves. By keeping your own journal, you are also going to experience a lot of benefits, especially when you write it on a regular basis.

For starters, journaling will help you in clarifying your goals in life aside from allowing you to write down your ideas and achievements. With your journal, you can clearly see the steps that you take towards reaching your goal while simultaneously giving you the chance of seeing the exact point where you stand and how much further you still need to go for your goals to be completed.

Journaling can also help in making your life simple. Many people tend to make their lives more complicated than what it needs to be. There are a gazillion of things that have to be completed every day but if you will take some time to sit down and write on your journal, you will be amazed how you will start seeing the things that really matter in your life. Write down in your journal the values that you believe in and think of things that you are thankful for in your life.

Journals also have this amazing power of making you express what you feel about your relationships and your life as a whole. By keeping a journal, you can have that private place where you can vent out the frustrations that you have with your relationships. Journaling gives you the chance of realizing why you feel bothered by a person’s certain aspects and how you can change the way that you handle specific situations. Your journal will teach you how to love with more conviction and power that can make your relationships clearer and definitely much stronger.

The last but definitely not the least, journaling allows you to get to learn yourself even better. You can discus about your values, morals as well as other beliefs. Through this, you can clarify your own stand on particular topics and at the same time, you can also express yourself in a clearer manner. If someone happens to ask you about one controversy or topic and what your thoughts about it are, it will be easier for you to lay down your opinion in just several seconds, which will then make you as someone who knows yourself well in the eyes of other persons.

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